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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

St. Philippine Duchesne

This statue of Philippine is now at the corner of the Academy of the Sacred Heart; St. Charles is a town that has kept its history and the Society of the Sacred Heart and Philippine are part of that heritage they still cherish. Main Street is lined with the houses built in the early 1800s and kept with most of the original features even today. It is a quaint town and now attracts many tourists.
Today I am still catching up with myself, but want to share a form of prayer that I learned from one of ours on Saturday. She and others have made it a form of prayer; I think it began as a psychological exercise. It is very simple and I am sure it is helpful for those who begin to use it. I think that it can be used whenever but the suggestion was to do it three times a day. It is the "five finger exercise". You begin with your thumb and hold it tightly while you get in touch with all the grief you have (this can be conscious or repressed grief) and then you pull on your thumb and release all this grief with the help of God; next you take your first finger, hold it tightly and get in touch with any fear you have, then pull it out with the help of God; you move to the third finger and let out all your anger and rage; the fourth finger is to release all your concerns, anxieties; and your little finger is to let go of the low self-esteem you may have in you. I suggest you give this easy way of praying a trial and see if it is beneficial for you.

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