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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Some mornings I sit down and wonder what the Spirit will inspire me to write. The death of my cousin, Dan, and then that of one of our most outstanding Religious, Barbara Bowe, and all the lives lost in the earth quakes, have made me think quite a bit about death these past days. Christ's death on the cross is central to the whole mystery of God's love shown even in the midst of suffering and death. We need to contemplate the Cross to understand how much God loves us.

Another reflection was triggered yesterday by the article I read in the newspaper about a 32 year old woman who had rowed across the Atlantic. She began in January and it took her two months alone in her rowboat. She did it to raise consciousness about the millions of people who do not have access to pure water. I admire her and know that the solitude of being alone in the ocean for two months will mark her for life. I am sure she knows herself and God at a much deeper level. She did have a laptop with her and I hope she kept a journal!

Today we are having a day to celebrate all the priests who are connected with St. Thomas University; actually, it is a week long celebration in this "Year of the Priest" but today there is a Mass with the Archbishop and all our priests followed by a luncheon. We were sent forms to fill out spiritual bouquets and personal notes for any Bishop or priest; I have done this for several. Our papers are to be on the altar for the Liturgy. I guess it is a good way for us to show gratitude and appreciation for all they do for us. I also think it is a call to pray for all priests!

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