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Monday, March 22, 2010

Some New Thoughts

Here is another blog to check out for a "morning Prayer"

I have gone back to a little book I have had on my shelf by Cynthia Bourgeault called Mystical Hope; as it is listed in the books I have posted for spiritual reading, I am sure that I mentioned the book before but now I am loving it. Inside the front cover there is a picture of a Cloister and it says that this is a Cloister Book. "Cloister Books are inspired by the monastic custom of walking slowly and reading or meditating in the monastery cloister, a place of silence, centering, and calm. Within these pages you will find a similar space in which to pray and reflect on the presence of God."

That was enough to make me pick up the book again! These are the titles of the five chapters: Journey to the Wellsprings; Living in the Mercy; Meditation and Hope; Dying Before You Die; and Hope and the Future. I will be quoting from this book as I am trying to schedule a daily blog for all the days I will be away!

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