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Friday, March 26, 2010

Reflections from a Scottish Garden

While I am away, I am sharing with you three brief reflections kindly sent me by one of my Scottish students.

Reflections from a Scottish Garden I

"We have had a very long hard winter. Just as the first snows came we installed a bird table and I started feeding the birds in our garden. Now when I go outside they start twittering to each other in great excitement, making such a noise that they can be heard at quite a distance. It struck me that this is what we should do, announce the good news joyously. The other night, in casual conversation a friend said that her husband only became a catholic seventeen years after they were married. We asked what had made him decide on this move, as he had no faith before. He said that it was the joy that he saw his wife had in her faith that drew him to ask for instruction. That is surely how we should proclaim, like the birds, joyously."

So, let us sing out our joy to the Lord! A sad saint is a sorry saint!

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