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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Conversational Prayer

This morning I remembered during prayer that I had a conversation with St. Madeleine Sophie yesterday and did not write it down. I had recalled last night a wonderful experience of sitting next to the glass case, or chasse, and speaking to her at Jette in Belgium. Her body is still intact and she looks so loving and peaceful. I was all alone in the chapel and so pulled up a little chair and sat there looking at her and then we began talking. I do not do this often and seldom have a real conversation with saints, although I do this with Jesus all the time and Mary. Anyway, I shared this with other Religious of the Sacred Heart last night as we sat over dinner after Mass at a lovely round table. One of my community asked what we had talked about and I had to say that the experience was powerful but I did not remember the conversation. That would have been in 1983 and I no longer have my journal but I had another conversation this morning and it just flowed. I was thanking her and she was telling me how she has watched over me ever since I began boarding school when I was 13 and how she influenced me through so many other RSCJs. That triggered more gratitude on my part and then I told her how I still remembered a dream during my first year in Chile when she came and gave me spiritual direction. I woke up not remembering her words but feeling so peaceful and that peace stayed with me.
I guess I am more convinced because of my prayer these two days where I have engaged in a heart to heart talk with Sophie that she is very near and watching over me. She keeps saying: "Be humble, be simple, bring joy to others."

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