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Saturday, May 14, 2011

God comes in unexpected ways...

I thought I had scheduled my blogs for Thursday and Friday but they did not appear as scheduled. Today is Saturday and I have just posted Thursday's blog and we will forget about Friday the 13th - actually, it was a very good day for me. I went to two ceremonies at St. Thomas University. The first is just for the students, faculty, and friends of the School of Theology and Ministry; the Theta Alpha Kappa honor society induction is part of the ceremony as well as honoring the graduates from all levels: undergrad majors in Religious Studies, M. A. in Pastoral Ministries and our special M.A. for Ministry to the Deaf; the Master of Divinity degree students and our Ph.D. students in Practical Theology. After that there was a reception and then I had an hour to go back to our beautiful Chapel for quiet prayer before the graduation Mass that was held outside at 7:00 with a lovely cool breeze arriving just in time for that ceremony as faculty and graduates are in black gowns.
What I thought I would share with you today was the grace of that hour of prayer yesterday evening. I guess I began by praying for the graduates and thinking back over the students that I have helped graduate over the years; that led to a slow remembering of all the graces I have received at the University over the past twenty-five years and how present God was to me during this time. He was quite present in this prayer time and I felt He was the one recalling all the gifts of these years and I felt overwhelmed with gratitude. This has stayed with me today and I felt called to share it with all of you.

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