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Friday, May 27, 2011

When did you first hear God calling you?

This was a question in the book I am using (Savary's "The New Spiritual Exercises in the Spirit of Pierre Teihard de Chardin") and so I began to think back to my earliest memories of God. I learned to say night prayers and ask God to bless my parents and relatives but God only became real for me, I think, when I was six years old and preparing for my First Communion. Then I learned the stories of Jesus and could relate to one who came as a baby to show me God's love. I was at the Visitation and I know we spoke then of the love of the Heart of Jesus. There was an oratory with a statue of the Sacred Heart and I remember going there all by myself whenever I could (my Dad would bring me early in the morning to school on his way to work and pick me up late so I had a long day and sometimes was able to be on my own a bit before reporting to the study hall where all the borders did their homework. Anyway, I think the first call came when I was still small and, in my case, seems to have been a gradual learning through experience to trust the Lord and believe in His Love for me. Since I had loving parents this was easy to do.
It is a good question and helps me to see how the Lord has been acting in my life. I am going to continue to reflect on the different calls of the Lord during my eighty years of life.
In the meantime, I am busy preparing for the arrival of my nephew and his wife on Sunday morning; I hope to be writing my blog each day, but I am not going to feel that I need to do it next week every single day so be prepared to find either a late posting or a skipped day. In the meantime, think of your own calls from God!

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