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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I have many thoughts in my head today and it is afternoon and time to wind up work and go to the pool. I still have things to do and cannot believe that I have not yet written my daily blog. Going back to morning prayer, I was really concerned with being aware and responding to God's presence in my life. I think that is the grace I am praying for and that God wants to give me. I get so caught up with what I am doing that I forget to realize that God is with me and is waiting for me to turn to Him to help me with whatever needs to be done. Instead, I let myself begin to feel hurried and less peaceful - a sure sign that I am depending on me instead of on God. Anyway, it has been a day where I seem not to have accomplished much and so I acknowledge again that I need help. I must stop procrastinating, too. I suspect it has much to do with having workmen in the house everyday and one of my community also is here. There is much noise and I am used to quiet so I realize how spoiled I am when I have had a quiet house to work in and concentrate without the TV.
Well, I am feeling the human condition today (that is a phrase that I learned over sixty years ago when in college and it meant then that we are weak and not capable of much good - the good news is that then we turn to God and can do all things in Him who strengthens us!
Let us begin...sorry to be so late today in writing this blog.

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