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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Faith - We believe without seeing!

Jesus says that we are blessed. The Sunday after Easter always has the Gospel where Jesus returns to appear in the midst of the Apostles on Sunday evening. This time Thomas is there. Jesus gives his ordinary greeting: "Peace be with you." And then he turns to Thomas. Thomas sees Jesus and that is enough for his great confession of faith: "My Lord and my God!" How many of us say that at the Consecration of the Mass? Yet do we realize that Jesus has blessed us because we believe without seeing. I have more thoughts but it is too hot to even think them as we are now eight days without any air-conditioning and it is affecting us all, I think.
We are getting it fixed so maybe by Tuesday night, hopefully, we may be back to normal. Still, this is better than after a hurricane when we do not even have power to turn on a fan. I am not complaining but just realizing that days of heat do affect us all. Thank God for the many ways we do have to cool off!

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