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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Refreshingly cool picture

I was going to look for water skiing but found the snow scene first. This Sunday I am going to a farewell Liturgy for a good friend who has been named Bishop of Saint Augustine, Florida. Just a few months ago, I lost another friend who became the new Bishop of Orlando; both will do a great job and are wonderful, caring pastors. It leaves Miami without its two auxiliary bishops.

I thought I would share something that Teresa of Avila wrote about the prayer of quiet. She said, "What the soul must do during these seasons of quietness amounts to no more than proceeding gently and noiselessly in prayer. What I mean by noise is running about with the intellect, looking for many words and meanings so as to give thanks for this gift, and piling up one's sins and faults in order to see that the gift is unmerited. Everything is in motion and rush. The intellect is thinking hard and the memory is hurrying about in the past...
Therefore, in such times of quietude, let the soul remain in its repose. Put aside learning. The time will come when learning will be useful for the Lord. Believe me, in the presence of Infinite Wisdom, a little study of humility and one act of humility is worth all the knowledge of the world. For here there is no demand for reasoning, but simply for knowing what we are and that we are humbly in God's presence."

This is quoted from the book, Sacred Space 2011 on p. 180.

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