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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More on the New Spiritual Exercises

I am sitting at a computer in the University Library and want to write something about the New Spiritual Exercises as I find the seventeen basic Teihardian Principles fascinating and want to share some with you this week. The first Principle is: "The discoveries of modern science must form an important foundation to any contemporary spirituality if it is to be true, relevant, and inspiring."

The second Principle is "Evolution is happening continually on every level of being--and has a direction."

The third Principle is :"The Law of Attraction-Connection-Complexity-Consciousness is the law that is giving evolution its direction."

Here we stop to look at the way Savary defines "Consciousness" in The New Spiritual Exercises. He says that there are two essential components: awareness and appropriate response. To be truly conscious, you need to respond appropriately to what you are experiencing. It requires a response to the stimulus--at least some thought or reflection. Also, in response you may choose to act or choose not to act.
The point is that we will be changed if we are truly conscious. I guess that is enough to reflect on today.

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