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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

I spent a good deal of time in my journal yesterday recalling the unconditional love of my mother and how she was always at home for us. I think it must have been boring sometimes for her; actually she did tell us stories sometimes of the first year after she married my father. He would come home so tired that after dinner he would often fall asleep in the living room while my mother was doing the dishes. She said she would then put on one of his coats and hat and go out the back and around to ring the front doorbell. Dad would wake up and go to the door to welcome the visitor only to find that it was my mother who said that he got the message and would then pay more attention to her.
I find it easy to believe that Jesus and Mary love me unconditionally because my mother's love was unconditional, constant, and always surrounding us. She live for my Dad and her four children and seemed to love us all equally. I think my Dad loved my mother more than he loved us, or at least she came first, but I never felt that with my mother. I am sure we all go back often in prayer to thank for the gift of our mothers.
My Saturday post was scheduled but something happened and I just found that it was not published until I did it today. Anyway, today you have two posts and I will not post early this week, at least on some mornings, as I am going to try to go back to water exercise.

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