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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beside calm water

When I look at this picture, it helps me to be still. I think sometimes I begin to make mental lists of all the things I should do and am not getting around to do and then I lose something of my interior peace. God wants us to live in peace, not turmoil and so I know I am stirring myself up when I begin to be agitated about things not done. One thing at a time and it is amazing how much can be done when one is calm and not in a frantic state of mind about what "should" be done. I just find that the days pass so quickly and I do so little, but the important things do get done and my priorities for the year have been kept faithfully so far, at least I think they have in spite of a day missed here and there.
Let us begin again to live with a calm soul, one who longs only for her God in whom she lives and moves and has her being. Sorry that I did not post yesterday.

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