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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Internationality is a real joy for me!

Today is rainy here and the streets are flooded so I am glad to be home and do not need to go out again.
I am thinking again about the preparation for our Provincial Assembly which is next week so do say some prayers for all of us; it is being held in St. Louis from July 18-22 and I am going a day early to see friends. On the first evening, we will have a Mass in the shrine at St. Charles and our novice will renew her vows and then some of us will be renewing our vows made sixty years ago and others will renew their vows made fifty years ago. It has been a fast 60 years when I look back on all my memories from 1952 until today!! I mostly have very good and even joy-filled memories, but losing my parents and one brother were times of sadness. I have, as my brother used to say, "joined the convent and seen the world." I guess going to Rome, then Chile, and later to Spain with time for travel in Europe, teaching in Peru, then a visit to Scotland, England, France as I went back to Rome to do my dissertation research, and managed a trip to Malta and a few times to visit one of my friends in Mallorca, etc. I guess my sudden trip to Bogota this month was the only one that I had not looked forward to and I left so quickly not knowing if our Sister, Ines, would even be alive. I am happy to say that she is still fighting and hopefully is moving closer to recovery but her surgery was serious and she is still a concern. What I brought back from Bogota is a tremendous sense of being home in the Society of the Sacred Heart even in another country and another language. They were so welcoming and I am just grateful for the internationality of the Society!

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