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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Map showing Bogota and surroundings

The people travel to Bogota for many reasons as things tend to be centralized in the capital cities in South America. If you need a visa, go to Bogota. The fact that it is surrounded by mountains makes it an experience to go there. I felt the altitude as it is high above sea level. I marvel at the green mountains that are thick with trees. I loved the trees in the city, too, and they are everywhere.
One time I saw a white horse eating grass on the steep back above the trench dug between streets and thought that was a good way to feed the horse and not need to try to cut grass on such a steep slope.
I loved the mixture of old and new; some streets seem almost to date back to the 16th century; others have modern buildings. There is a very modern museum where we went early on Thursday when those over a certain age are admitted free; we mostly saw some of the exhibits of early gold work.
I cannot believe that it is July. I heard wonderful news today from a friend in England. They will have three entering the novitiate for the Society of the Sacred Heart. Our novice is making her first vows on July 18 at the opening Mass of our Provincial Assembly and I will be one to renew the vows I made to serve God in the Society of the Sacred Heart sixty years ago!

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Blessed by God - the Best of all Worlds said...

Congratulation Helen on your sixty years of fidelity to the sacred Heart and His charism. I guess I have known you just baout that long and you have always been a power of example to me. Much love and wishes for many blessings,
Cathy O'Conor