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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Silence

The house is so still this morning and I am relishing the silence. I went over the list of the 230 people coming to the Province Assembly and made my own lists for those I really want to look for during those four days - some are unknown, some I want to sit with and have a conversation, some I hope to have lunch or dinner with and there are over a dozen from other countries that I would love to be able to talk to during the short time we have free. One of my lists consists of eleven RSCJs who live in the United States and I may have even met before this, but I cannot put a face to the name and intend to look for each; most are from New York and Boston and may know me as I have visited both areas for very brief moments, but I cannot remember them and will need to have them pointed out to me in the assembly and then hope to have a word with each. I like to know all my sisters and I am afraid that when we are so many and it gets so noisy, I just go off and seek some silence. These four days are going to be an opportunity to get to know other RSCJs and I am looking forward to that, but loving the quiet today!!
Sundays are contemplative days to sink deeper into the Presence of God and to catch up with oneself; I do spend time reading the Sunday paper, but that is catching up with the world. Reading the paper gives me much material to take to prayer.
Have a holy sabbath and enjoy the silence!

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