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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Giving myself over to the Spirit

Here are a few quotes from St. Madeleine Sophie that I think will help us realize the importance of giving ourselves over to the Holy Spirit.

"Few give themselves over to the Holy Spirit, and what a mistake we make in not being among the privileged few! Believe me, it costs much more to stay in a miserable mediocrity in which one belongs neither to God nor to oneself. It is like swimming between two currents; it is difficult and dangerous. Hurry up and plunge into midstream. The Holy Spirit will then carry you and you will get to port much more quickly." (Letter to F. Giraud, 1839)

"Deliver yourself to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit, make yourself as a tool that offers no resistance to the handling of the artisan." (Letter to J. Cabagni, March 1856)

More tomorrow....

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