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Monday, July 16, 2012

Living Water

This is another picture that always leads me to think of the living water that flows from the Heart of Jesus.
I have decided that this will be the last reflection until I return from the assembly as I leave tomorrow morning and come home Sunday night and really there is no way I can get reflections posted during this busy week at the Provincial Assembly. However, I will be back on by next Monday or Tuesday for sure and will be sharing some of my own insights from this gathering of over 230 RSCJs, and a few colleagues and associates that were chosen through nomination and lottery, I think. We also have over a dozen RSCJs from other countries where we work and it will be interesting to meet with them. I love the internationality of the Society and I am always ready to learn more about other countries.
While I am off this blog for a week, you could be looking at some of the resources that I have listed on the right side of the blog; the RSCJ international website is interesting and under "where we are" you can find maps and then the different countries and their websites (not all 42 countries have websites but many do); you can also read the profiles of RSCJ - maybe those are found under spirituality - just go explore the website and also some of the prayer resources on the side and some of the blogs - it will give you plenty to reflect upon while I am taking this break from my blog.
Do pray for the assembly.

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