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Monday, July 23, 2012

I am home again!

We had a wonderful Provincial Assembly in St. Louis; for the first time ever, we held it in the Westport Sheridan and having it in the hotel made a tremendous difference; we are getting along in years and staying in college dorms and walking to meals, meeting rooms in different building and liturgy in still another, would have been very difficult for many. We did go to the Shrine of our Saint Philippine Duchesne in St. Charles for both the opening Liturgy and the closing one. Juliet made her First Vows at the opening and many of us celebrated diamond and golden jubilees of our vows and so renewed our vows during the Mass. We had a lovely banquet served afterwards in the school. Since I was a border during high school at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in St. Charles, it is always a wonderful experience for me to return here.
The Provincial Assembly was the best one I have attended and we left energized but also exhausted. I am glad to have this day to just try to catch up. I met several who read my blog daily and I met others who want to begin so I did say I would be giving my impressions of the assembly this week after my return. We had such beautiful prayer services and liturgies that I will mention them first of all. Having a vow ceremony was a lovely way to begin with our Provincial, the Novice director, and her candidate director all taking part; one of my community gave the reflection that replaced the homily. I hope this will appear on our website. If you go to the right side of the blog, click on the Province website and you will find a video of the opening Liturgy.
More tomorrow about the way we shared at the assembly.

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