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Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Joys

What are your Christmas joys? I am always aware of childhood memories at this time of the year. The way we celebrated Christmas in our families stays with us, but of course we now adapt and share the way others want to celebrate, too. My community hang our lovely, large, red Christmas stockings to please me. We each find some small thing that may be useful to put in each stocking and this year, to please another, we will open them after Mass on Christmas eve. We no longer have Christmas dinner but a brunch around 2:00.
We have moved our Chirstmas Prayer together to December 23 so all the area can be present.
Now, these are little ways we celebrate but what are our real Christmas joys? I think Christmas is so special because we have spent Advent in preparation and desiring the coming of the Lord. Our longing has been real and deep; our joy on welcoming Jesus again is also real and deep. I think there is a river of love flowing through our lives and Christmas brings us into a realization of all the love we are receiving from our friends and relatives. I enjoy the news that comes with the Christmas cards; many of my friends are only good at communicating at Christmas, but the bond is still strong as the cards and letters arrive from other countries and states and we are all rejoicing together.
I do not know why I have written all of this. I think that I was thinking of some of my own Christmas joys when I sat down to write. My never to be forgotten Christmas was way back in 1941 when my mother gave us a baby brother on Christmas morning. We had had the terrible news of Pearl Harbor that same December, but I remember the joy of having a baby brother. He is celebrating his birthday now in Heaven with Jesus.
I think all are so busy with preparations for Christmas that I am not sharing any of the Pope's Apostolic Visitation. I was quite pleased to with a spirituality group that now meets here every month - six wonderful faculty members from our school make the time to come and pray and share; we look at the Gospel for the next Sunday and this led to a discussion about the absolute faith of Joseph. Saint Joseph is a silent saint, but what trust he had before he even knew Jesus. He listened and obeyed and must have been a great father for Jesus.

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