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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day after Christmas

Christmas has a season - I read it lasts now until January 12,  but I have always believed it lasted until February 2 and one year we even kept our Christmas tree until that date. It was a sorry tree for we were living without central air and Miami heat shortens the life of a tree. Now we have an artificial tree but it usually comes down around Epiphany as everyone is back at work and no time to put away Christmas decorations unless done early. However, Christmas is kept as long as we want in our hearts and I think I love just using the nativity scenes as a composition of place for my prayer. Jesus comes so little and helpless and asks only for our love.
What I read of the Pope's homily at Christmas Mass really pleased me. We all need to learn to be humble and Jesus gave us the example all of his life, but the fact that he came so vulnerable and poor is something to reflect on.
I am writing this blog on our new computer but am not sure I can do it again as I had a hard time getting into the page where I could write a new post. I am learning but it is rather hit and miss so we will see what happens this week. I also need to change this font before posting as it is too small! And, I have not yet been able to open my e-mail. If you have a message for me, please use this e-mail:

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