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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year's Eve

It seems to me that people celebrate the eve of New Year's more than the day itself. One New Year's Eve I suggested a three hour prayer to prepare for the New Year. The first hour was with Jesus, who then led us into the second hour spent with the Father, and then we spent the last with the Holy Spirit. The community had me shorten the hours but still we had almost two hours before midnight in prayer for our world. Then we had a little celebration to see the New Year arrive - this year I suspect I will be asleep by midnight because of my cold. I will look forward to celebrating on January 1!

On Christmas Eve at our prayer I drew two quotes from Mother Stuart and will share them here. The first is one I prayed over and the second is one that is a favorite and I love it.

"When one is trying for such high things as we are, the higher we want to fly, the greater the risk, but run with no assurance but our trust in God that seems to me to be the essence of our life and its beauty. This will grow upon you, and you will get your balance in the risks, and get to love them. That is faith and hope."

"To be a joy-bearer and a joy-giver says everything; it means that one is faithfully living for God and that nothing else counts, and if ne give joy to others we are doing God's work. With joy without and within, all is well."

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