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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Third Sunday of Advent

This is the Sunday where we are told to rejoice for the Lord is near. We are also told to be patient by St. James in the second reading. And John the Baptist is praised by Jesus in the Gospel. I have an Advent Poem that I would like to share with you - the author is anonymous.

Hope is watching, waiting, preparing,
Believing that the unknown will come any day,
Knocking down walls and swinging doors open
Sweeping the dust that's piled in corners into the streets
and out of our lives.
It is knowing that anticipating, waiting
Can shape us, shake us, stir us,
Change us and make us more.
It is saying that life is unfinished
and the best yet to be.

Perhaps I will do some more clearing out today as part of my preparation for Christmas.
It is time we return and look at those Advent resolutions - at least I find that this is good for my humility! Today is also the anniversary of my first vows made in 1952 and remembered as if they were yesterday! We are also decorating the tree we put up last Sunday and getting out all of our Christmas decorations today!

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