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Monday, December 23, 2013

Eve of Christmas Eve

I want to wish all a blessed Christmas and I am borrowing from something that Sister Maureen Glavin wrote to the parents this week as she says what I want to say:

"My Christmas prayer is that each of us will experience the depth of the wonder of the mystery of this season: that God is not only ‘out there’ but HERE, among us, between us, within us and part of us, yearning to love us and yearning for our love in return.
All that is required is that we open our hearts, make room for the birth of the Christ within so that we, as the Body of Christ, can continue to be the Face and Arms and Hands and Heart of Christ in our world today."
I am saying all this today in case you do not find me on the computer on Christmas Eve. We are getting a new computer; it is here but not yet installed and so that happens hopefully on the eve of Christmas eve. We are also hosting the area for prayer and dinner that night.
Merry, Blessed, Holy and Happy Christmas, Everyone!

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