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Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Quiet Sunday

Every so often I seem to need to remind myself that Sunday is the Lord's day and not the day to do all the work we could not get done before Sunday.  Now it seems that we have forgotten that our ancestors really kept this day holy and free from manual work. I remember being told that one did not wash or iron or sew on a Sunday. Grass had to be cut on Saturday and the car washed, but not on the Lord's day.

We forget that we are given this day to rest and spend some time with God. We can just relax with a good book, or go do something we like to do - swim, play golf, go to a movie, etc. Before, the stores were not open on Sunday; there was one pharmacy by turn that would be open but no one shopped on Sunday. Now, the stores are full at all hours on Sunday. I try not to need to go to the grocery store on Sunday, but when I do need to go, it is crowded. I guess I am just using this blog to remind myself to keep holy the Sabbath in some way this summer as I have lost my usual contemplative Sunday morning, although I still find time for longer prayer even after getting up later. I do spend quite a bit of time with the Sunday papers. I did not do that when I was away and now ask myself if I am wasting time or is it necessary to be informed? Since I devour the Sport section as well as the New York Times Magazine, I wonder if I am just fooling myself about spending Sunday morning with the newspapers. Maybe the Holy Spirit is nudging me to reflect more about my Sundays.

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