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Saturday, June 13, 2015


This is part of something I read the other day and like. It first speaks of the word "winsome" and then applies it to the way we want to attract others:

Even in the darkest times, we carry within us a hope because the source of our joy is secure. We touch lives when we live ours joyously, as winsome ambassadors for Christ.
How can we be more winsome at work or school? Be cheerful and include those that others leave out.
How can we be more winsome at home? Discipline in love, and work to maintain a pleasant atmosphere. Be playful with your husband and children. Laughter is contagious.
How can we be more winsome in our friendships? Be an encourager and a supporter, who delights in the success of others.
Do you know someone who is especially winsome? What happens if truth is delivered without love?
by Dawn Camp, My Home Sweet Home, editor and photographer of The Beauty of Grace

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