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Monday, June 8, 2015

International Formation Meeting in Chile

From June 13 to the 23 I ask prayer for the Society of the Sacred Heart's International Meeting on Formation which will be held in Chile. Chile now has an international noviciate for several countries in South America and it is such a wonderful country! To hold the meeting there gives me great joy. We are sending two from here; they leave on Saturday morning after we celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart together this Friday. It will be an opportunity for me to send notes to my friends in Chile.

I am meeting with a spirituality group today at Carrollton; they did not meet while I was away, but seem to want to continue and so we will meet in the Chapel there after school hours and pray with the reading for the Feast of the Sacred Heart. We will all be at the Mass on Friday; the Religious of the Sacred Heart in the area will renew our vows during the Liturgy at St. Hughes and faculty rewards will follow the Mass and then we will all have lunch in the new Wellness Center at Carrollton. Let us all pray for both the coming Formation Meeting in Chile but also for our own preparation for the Feast of the Sacred Heart this coming Friday. All the readers of this blog will be in my prayer.

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