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Thursday, June 4, 2015

How to spread joy

How do I spread joy to all around me? I know that I am called to give joy to Jesus and to others. It is done mostly by loving, I think, but when I am grateful and take the time to express my great gratitude, I think I also give joy. Maybe I find telling someone "thank you" easier than saying "I love you". Both are necessary. Both can be expressed in action as well as in word. Who will I give joy to today?

The other side of this reflection is how grateful I am for all those who give me joy. It is often the little things that fill me with joy. For instance, when we were about to begin exercise class at the gym yesterday, I realized that I had left my bottle of water in the car. One of my companions said, "Go buy a bottle at the gym's reception desk; they only cost a dollar." I did not want to be late for our class so just shrugged and said I would drink water later. She went and brought me a bottle of water. It was not the water but the generosity to go get it for me that gave me real joy. I am sure we all have moments of joy given us by others and so we are also grateful and gratitude increases our joy!

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