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Saturday, June 6, 2015

This picture is my reflection for today. My blog scheduled what I had to say for the Feast of the  Body and Blood of Christ for Sunday but it was published on Thursday and I seem to have lost another blog.

I have been thinking quite a bit about old age and this is one picture that speaks to me of the serenity that comes with knowing that you now can be at peace and not worry about getting things done or what people think of you. I still have "to do" lists, but I am not too concerned about when the things I need to do or just want to do will be crossed off. Instead, I know the essentials will be taken care of if I just live in peace and try to give joy to Jesus and others. I just find that my priorities have changed and I no longer plan and strive to accomplish much. Each day brings its own joys and challenges, but to contemplate a picture with still water just deepens the peace and gratitude I feel now that I have reached 84 which is supposed to be "old, old age."

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