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Sunday, June 28, 2015


Jesus was close to people, even strangers that came up to Him. He reached out and touched the leper; Jesus took the little girl's hand and helped her up and then told the parents to give her something to eat. He let others touch Him. He was close to the people around Him and He had compassion on the crowds. We all know this, but do we live it? I think reaching out to people is one of the chief lessons the Pope wants us to learn. We need to go out and really spread the joy of the Gospel. Who am I reaching out to today? I touch others by taking the time to send a note, an e-mail, or text.
People seem to have phones in their hands wherever you look; I hope they are reaching out to give joy to others.

I have been playing Words with Friends for months now and I guess I sometimes have almost twenty games going. I have decided not to play after I finish all my currant games as I will be going to retreat and then we have our Provincial Assembly. I will miss the fun of playing with others, but will start again before the end of July. I just noticed that I was getting addicted to playing and it was taking more time. I hope all I play with will understand my three week vacation - I am going to miss playing but think this is the thing I need to do now.

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