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Sunday, August 30, 2015

I am using pictures to praise God at the beginning of my morning hour of prayer. Usually, if I gaze at a picture long enough, one detail will draw my attention and then my imagination kicks in and I no longer need the picture as I have a great imagination and can see things in color, depth, and movement. My going down into the depths of the Heart of Jesus is also an exercise in my imagination, but it is also real. I suspect this happens to others, too.

I am still imagining the interior of the house that is in a painting on the wall of the new campus ministry offices. It is what I would call a "Mediterranean house" but the artist was from Puerto Rico. It is painted white with lots of different shaped windows and an arch opening into a patio. The house spans both sides of the arch and also the other side of the patio so my imagination was caught in trying to figure out the use of the rooms in that house and the next thing I knew was that I was thinking of St. Teresa's "Interior Castle."  This house with its many flowers hanging from  pots on small balconies, etc. was far from a castle but it had me walking through it with Jesus and I actually had a dream about it that night. It was a good dream for it was a happy house.

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