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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Queenship of Mary

This is now the Feast of the Queenship of Mary. The picture is of Our Lady of Grace and I do like to think of Mary as being in heaven and making sure that we have all that we need. If she sees we are lacking something, she tells her Son. After all, she had Jesus change water into wine when she saw that there was a need. I like to sing "Queen of Angels, thou are glorious..." and I am glad that all who go to heaven find Mary there.

The fact that there are more guns than there are people in this country is really bothering me. Almost daily I read of another death by gunfire. Innocent children are finding guns and killing each other or themselves; there are drive-by shootings that kill just anybody in the path of the bullets; and there are many suicides.
We need to have licenses for guns. We do not let just anybody drive a car, but I am told it is quite easy to buy a gun. This is an issue I want to do something about and I am praying about it.
I am confiding this issue to Our Lady on this feast.

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