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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

So very near

The Psalm response for today is "You have searched me and know me. Lord" from Psalm 139 - one of my favorites. The reflection given by Father Austin Fleming is excellent and I shall be quoting a bit from him. His Concord Pastor is one of my favorite blogs but this reflection is in "Give Us This Day":

"Lord, you are near, so very near. You search my heart, inside and out. You know me better, more intimately, than I know myself. You know my strengths and my weaknesses, my truth and my lies, my reality and fantasy, my virtues and my sins. Nothing about me escapes your soul-piercing gaze....

I fool only myself when I pretend in the shadows to hide my own darkness. ...Again and again I learn the folly of running away from you who are there, everywhere I turn: all around me and dwelling deep within me. I have no reason to fear your pursuit....

You are so near, Lord. You search my heart and soul, you know me oh-so-well! With thanks and praise I yield to you and find my peace beneath your watchful eye, within your firm embrace."

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