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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Wonder and Praise

What is wonderful is that I can look at a picture and be lost in awe, wonder and praise. At the moment, Miami is having thunder storms. Last night the lightning was constant and lengthy just before I went to sleep. It was so bright that I had to get up to look at it. It reminded me of the electrical storms I experienced years ago in New Orleans that would light up the entire dormitory; the children would use it as an excuse to pull their beds out and surround my alcove. They said they felt safer that way. It was difficult for the one who came to wake me at 4:45 each morning to do so with all the beds blocking her way. One morning, she thought she heard me stirring, but I did not appear at morning office. I was still sound asleep! It is funny the things I remember after more than fifty years.

I have been thinking a great deal about what it means for me to keep reflecting on "Laudato Si". It is a reflection that must lead to action. At present I am going through it again and jotting notes as I read. This helps me to remember. I read the six chapters as soon as it came out, but only now am I going back to really try to deepen what the Holy Father is saying. I am struck by the deep and inter-twined relationship between God, us, and the earth.

We may be facing a really big storm and I feel we are not really ready for it. We have had too many good years so have rather forgotten how bad it can be when we get even the tail of some hurricane. I need to check the flashlights and get help with the patio furniture. When we lose power, we all suffer from the heat.

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