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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Yesterday I heard that another of my friends at Oakwood had gone to God. I am happy for her, but she will be missed as she was very loving and thoughtful for all. I also heard that one of my college friends had a knee replacement yesterday and another is in rehab after surgery. I am praying for so many people by name now - I must confess that I used to just pray for all the ill, those who need prayer and those I have promised to prayer for, but now I am taking the time to name so many of my friends as we age. It is as if I need to remind God to take special care and place each one in the Heart of Jesus. I am sure God is watching over each, but it seems to help to pray now by name.

The Feast of Our Lady's Assumption into Heaven is this Saturday. It always marks the end of summer for me. It is also a feast that makes us think of Heaven. The more I ponder certain things, the more I see how so much is mystery; it is beyond my finite mind to comprehend, but that is how we grow in faith.
The subject of my prayer (if there is one) this week is God's mercy.

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