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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Do not rush the Holy Spirit

The Busy Persons' Retreat for 36 faculty, staff, and some parents at our school, Carrollton, was time consuming as we left here about 6:45 for Mass on Tuesday and Thursday in the school Chapel and I led a guided imagery for morning prayer on Wednesday and then each of the six of the Religious of the Sacred Heart on the Retreat Team saw six people during the day. We were scheduled for an hour with each, but sometimes I saw three in the morning, beginning at 8:00 and then three in the afternoon so that I finished at 4:00; some had four in the morning and finished at 3:00 but then we met as a team or went to dinner together - we had prayer in the Chapel on Monday afternoon to open the retreat and then a lovely closing prayer on Friday afternoon with a tirage of quotes from St. Madeleine Sophie or from Reverend Mother Stuart. Here is my quote from St. Madeleine Sophie:
"Let you heart be more attentive than your head, for the Holy Spirit is love, and to take hold of her, it is more important to love than to understand. We do everything at top speed, and I am not sure the Holy Spirit can act at that pace."

Each of us read our quote aloud and mine was the only one that caused laughter, but I am really thinking about how we often try to rush the Spirit.
I will have three groups now of Spirituality connected with Carrollton, but they will meet here. I also have three other groups and several for spiritual direction so will need to really keep my track of my daily dates - something that I have not had to do much since I was in isolation last year!

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