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Friday, November 13, 2015

Next week we have a meeting in New York State and I do hope to see autumn scenes. It is the season I most miss and seldom have had as the twenty years in Chile had no real autumn and now I have been almost thirty years in Miami where all is green all year!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful feast for me. My youngest sibling, John, was born on Thanksgiving and that made it doubly special for me. Since we are only three Religious of the Sacred Heart in Miami this year for Thanksgiving, the other in my community suggested going out but I could not see doing that as we always ask anyone who would be alone to come to dinner. We may only be four this year, but I have found that Publix cooks a turkey, dressing, and cranberry sauce for less than you can buy all that so I will go get the dinner the day before and just need to heat it up and add a dish or two. I just need to celebrate here.

It is not just the dinner but the fact that we give thanks together for all we have received, are receiving and will receive this coming year.

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