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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Walk with Jesus

Imagine that you are out for a walk on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in autumn and in a northern state. The trees are so beautiful adorned in all their Fall finery- brilliant scarlet, deep orange, bright yellow leaves beckon you to follow the path into the woods. Now, let yourself imagine that, as you contemplate this beauty, Jesus comes and walks with you. You know it is Jesus even before you turn to him. He is smiling and asks to join you on your Sunday, woodsy walk. You welcome him and tell him that you are just here in your imagination. He says that he gave you that same imagination just so you good enjoy it by taking time to meander in the mellow light on this Sunday afternoon and enjoy the splendor of the season. Then Jesus tells me that he loves to walk with me. I am rather tongue-tied at first, but then he just asks me what I have been doing and I start to tell him and he is a great listener. He also affirms what I want to do and tells me not to try to do everything at once. He knows I have made a list of things to do before Advent, but reminds me that I can still be working on that list during Advent. He suggests that I ask his Mother to help me as she is good at most of the things I want to do and she will love to have me ask her to do these things with her. We talk a bit about the hopes and fears of all the world and then we just sit on a fallen log and look at each other. I know Jesus sees deep into my heart and he allows me to enter into his Heart!

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