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Sunday, November 15, 2015

We are coming to the end of the Liturgical year and the Gospel reminds us that we know not the day nor the hour - neither for the end of the world or for our own death. We need to live in the present the way we want to be when death comes. It is a sobering thought and helps to prepare us for Advent. Next Sunday is the last one of the Liturgical Year and it is that of Christ the King. So, how am I to spend these last two weeks before Advent? The Feast of St. Philippine this coming Wednesday is a call to pray and to love and live for others. The Indians called Philippine the " Woman Who Prays Always." She is one to ask for help when we find it hard to find time for prayer; she could pray all night.
Then, after the last Sunday before Advent with Christ the King we can reflect on how important the reign of God was for Jesus. He went around telling all to repent for the reign of God is here! I guess living in the present moment is the best way to prepare for the end of the world, the end of our earthly life, and to accept the reign of God as the Holy Spirit leads us deeper into the mystery of life.

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