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Thursday, November 12, 2015


We are just two weeks now until Thanksgiving! I think that giving thanks is so important in our spiritual lives that we should make each day a real thanksgiving. We do call the time after Holy Communion "thanksgiving" and we do give thanks but there are many opportunities to thank the Lord for His gifts all day. I hope these weeks we will make an effort to be thankful. To live in an attitude of gratefulness is to be joyful. Grateful people are happy people. I am also grateful when people thank me and hope I take time to thank others. I will add it to my practice for the Feast of St. Philippine which is next Wednesday. I am trying to see the good in each and that helps me to be grateful and make the effort to express my thanks.
A humble person is a grateful person.
St. Madeleine Sophie said, "There is room for all in that wide wound in the Heart of Jesus, but its secret depths are for the little and lowly ones."

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