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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fantasy Exercises


The day I gave a guided imagery prayer during the retreat last week, several asked me to continue to show them how to pray with their imagination helping them. I have been thinking how we just grew up with the Ignatian method of imagining oneself in the scene we were praying over in the Gospels; I had an artist superior one year who wanted me to be able to see all the colors even, but it was when I discovered that I could invent my own imaginary scenes that I found a way to enter deep into conversation with Jesus. I had this fantasy when going to Chile that I was being sent out in a boat and into a storm, but Jesus was with me and all would be well. I would hear Jesus say, "Do not be afraid" and then "It is I" and I would feel a deep peace.

One of my favorite fantasies is setting out in a boat. Sometimes it is a sail boat; other times I am in a row boat or a canoe. I usually have a book and a picnic with me. Then Jesus comes and He helps me to row or paddle until we stop in a shady inlet and just sit and talk.

If you are being distracted, try going out in a boat in your imagination and see what kind of dialogue you will have with Jesus while in your boat.

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