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Monday, November 2, 2015

Feast of All Souls

It is good of the Church to celebrate the Feast of All Souls the day after the Feast of All Saints. I hope that the many Masses offered today will certainly make those souls saints. It is such a mystery; we are made for God and God loves each of us and wants us to be with Him for all eternity. My definition of a saint is one who is with God. So, I ask myself, what happens when we die? The Church talks about a particular judgment and then the General Judgment. I just want to be ready to meet God face to face. I believe in His Love and feel that He wants each of us to be with Him when we die. Since the whole idea of time as we know it is temporal and not eternal, I just let the after death questions fade and think of being embraced by God and being united in some way with all who have gone before us.

I am including information that someone else asked for after I quoted again from a reflection in "Give Us This Day":

I love my copy of "Give Us This Day". a gift to us from the Province. You can order it for, I think, $39.95 for the year or they also say they now are available as an App for iOS and Android - you can call 1-888-259-8470 or e-mail
If you order the booklet, ask for the free plastic cover as that makes a big difference. I just asked for one lately and love having the protection of the cover. I think you will find it helpful as they have some special things each month as well as the morning prayer, evening prayer, and daily reflections and, of course, the Mass prayers and reading for each day. It arrives early the month before and the covers are also often helpful for prayer.

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