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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Preparing for the Feast of St. Philippine

This is the tomb where St. Philippine is buried in the Shrine at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in St. Charles. The Feast of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne is next Wednesday. We always celebrated her feast on November 17th, but she was only "Blessed" then and the Church gave her the 18th when she was canonized. To me, she is just "Mother Duchesne" who brought the Society of the Sacred Heart to North America and who loved each of the children who found a place in any of our schools; her love was strong, maternal, and self-sacrificing and still is for all of us.

I think she was present to me today in her own unique way. I had been to Physical Therapy and was driving to Mass; at one of the busy corners in the Grove, Grand Avenue and 32nd St, the car let out a horrible noise as I started to turn the corner. I thought I must have scraped something and jumped out to look. I was not even near the curb. I got back in, turned on the motor and then shifted from park to drive with the same terrible noise and the car did not move. A kind Jewish man stopped,  asked a black man on a bike to help and they pushed me back from Grand Avenue. Then this man called AAA for me and asked for a tow truck. It was now close to noon and the tow truck took until 1:45 to arrive. They towed me to the garage where I found out that I had a broken axel. I do not know how this happened, but glad it was not on the way yesterday coming from the University which is twenty-five miles of highway driving. I am sorry that this happened and that I did not get to Mass and to the luncheon prepared by my Jewish friend from the gym, but I am thanking for the kind Jewish man who stopped and helped me. He pointed out two clouds in the sky before he left and said they were angels. He was the angel and I am so grateful. I think I will need to get a phone I can text on as my I-phone has not been working.
Again, this is not a very spiritual blog, but I do hope that all the alums who read it will be preparing for Philippine's Feast next week and also thanking God for all the good things that happen to us. My adventure today left me exhausted!

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