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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

63 Years of Vowed Religious Life

Joy is what I feel today when I remember my vow ceremony 63 years ago. I was full of joy and wanted to communicate it to all the students I had been coaching during my second year as a novice. The joy was so intense that I seemed to have the gift of tears. I cried because I felt so much love.

I mentioned a new book I had received on "Silence: The Mystery of Wholeness." Here is a quote from it: "Each time we venture into the realm of Silence consciously, not merely by accident, our soul is strengthened and a feeling-with-clarity emerges. When we become just a bit more alert within this realm, we discover something paradoxical. This realm of Silence is filled with currents of activity. We do not enter into loneliness or isolation but into the deepest feeling of communing. Our soul feels full, whole, and completely within its own milieu." The book is by Robert Sardello and was first published in 2006.
I invite you to enter into the realm of Silence this week even if it means getting up early before anyone else in order to have time to enter into this realm.

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