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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Take time out

We come to the end of the Third Week of Advent and we are full of desire for the coming of Jesus. Sometimes, the Christmas rush is so powerful that we find it hard to concentrate on the real meaning of Christmas. I think Jesus must understand that sometimes we need to just stop and realize that we are trying to please too many people and we are not called to do so much. Let us find time for some quiet at home as we begin the last week of Advent.

There is a Holy Hour for all the Religious of the Archdiocese at the Cuban Shrine tomorrow; I heard that this Shrine is one of the Holy Doors for the year of Mercy. I intend to go as I have not gone to the monthly Holy Hour that has been one way of celebrating here the year of Consecrated Life. The final celebration will be at the Cathedral on January 30 and I hope to be there, even if I need to find a ride as I no longer drive at night.

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