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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The "long veiw"

Mary’s place in salvation history is far more significant than any of ours, but what she sees is true for all of us. Life is about more than the sum of our own experiences, sorrows, and successes. It’s about the role we play in God’s ever-unfolding plan to redeem the world.  

That sounds lofty, but it’s about taking the long view. Do we see success through the eyes of our contemporaries, or through the eyes of God? Do we focus only on what God does for us, or also on what God can do for others through us?

This perspective challenges me to reorient my priorities.
The above quote was taken from "In Courage" and I regret that I cannot now find it to give the author, but I thought it was good to reflect on the "long view" - we all have a purpose in life!

I am leaving today for retreat and visits so I will also be having a bit of vacation from my blog. I will try to write after the guided imagery retreat for which I really ask your prayers. That is from January 2-9; then I will be with our retired religious in Oakwood for a week and see other friends, too, and my nephew and his wife before leaving for Arizona where I will be with my brother and then my sister. Home on January 26!

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Maureen said...

I will miss reading your blog, but hope you will have an enjoyable and restful time with your relatives.