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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Being in isolation last year taught me to love silence. I find that I need quiet time alone, yet often find my prayer time full of all kinds of distractions. Centering Prayer helps me to discover silence but I find it helps when I am with others in a group of people who practice Centering.

I must confess that I use an image to go deep into the Heart of Jesus so my "centering" is not just using a word to help attain interior silence. I have this deep, still pool of water with a large rock at the bottom and I enter into the cleft in the rock and find myself in the Heart of Jesus surrounded by His love. I just rest there without words. Sometimes this is so easy; just now I find myself so distracted but the important thing about prayer is just "show up" and never give up. Let the Lord love You; it is consoling to know that He is loving us even in the midst of distractions.

I am having lunch today with some of my friends from the gym. I have not seen them for weeks as I chose to go to physical therapy rather than to the lively gym class that I am not sure I can now keep up with, but I do enjoy the friends I made there and look forward to seeing them today.

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