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Friday, December 4, 2015

How is your first week of Advent?

We have only had four days of Advent, but it seems more to me. I am trying to cultivate an Advent spirit and go around singing to myself (I only sing aloud when I am in the car alone!) a song from my school days at the Academy of the Sacred Heart. We would be allowed in Advent to sing as we walked in the normally silent files that took us everywhere. The words are in Latin but we all knew that "Veni Domine Jesu" meant "come Lord Jesus" and then we added "and do not delay'. It is strange how something learned so long ago still has power to move me into the Advent spirit.

Today, I hope to finish my Christmas cards. I would love to write individual notes, but have written a Christmas letter that will go to at least twenty of my friends; I love them but usually only write at Christmas so I need to let them know some of the highlights of my year. I also send some of my relatives the same letter but hope to add personal notes to some. If my blogs this week have been rather "off the cuff" blame it on the Christmas card preparation.

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