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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A personal prayer from my heart

Dear Jesus,
Advent is almost over and I am grateful for these weeks of renewing my desire for You. You are always with me, but I am so often insensitive to Your presence in me, in others, and in events. These weeks have helped me to concentrate on the wonderful gift of Your Presence. I have rejoiced to be even more intimate with You after Holy Communion and I look forward to welcoming You again this Christmas in a special way. The world needs to be aware of Your Presence in each of us and in every part of our world. I pray for those who are not at peace; for those who are in prison; for all the sick and suffering, the immigrants, the hungry, those who are without family this Christmas. May your coming again into our hearts renew the spirit of love and mercy in all our hearts and may our world strive for peace instead of war.
This is something I read yesterday and thought worth passing on:

The idea was that holidays can be difficult and not turn out as we would wish them to but we can accept our circumstances and focus on the joy that the birth of Jesus is for all the world. I could not copy what I read but the idea was not to let whatever annoys us or keeps us from doing something we want to do steal our joy. God comes to us no matter what is happening around us, in us, so let us concentrate on celebrating the mystery of the Incarnation which has brought joy to the world.

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