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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Let our longing increase...

Next Tuesday I will fly to California and I ask your prayers for a guided imagery retreat I will be making at the Dominican house in Santa Cruz from January 2-9. This is something I have always wanted to do and it will be on the ocean which makes it especially desirable, even in January. I love the Pacific and wonder why I never get over to look at the Atlantic which is right here. Anyway, I am going to be away most of January so that I can visit with friends in California at Oakwood, our Elder Care home, and then go to Arizona to spend four days with my brother and four with my sister. As you know, I usually do not write my blog while I am away. If inspired, you will see something; if not, know that I will return before the end of January.

Now, let us concentrate on our desire for Jesus. We desire to be welcomed and Jesus does, too. So let our longing increase in these last days of Advent as we continue to pray, "Come, Lord Jesus, and do not delay.

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